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2011 Spring Whoppa Story – Rhys – Shark Attack

2011 SSpring Whoppa Winner - Whoppa Story

I went fishing with my Predator Kontiki and kids at Raumati Beach on Saturday15/10/11. Had 2 sets. Caught numerous Red Cod, Kahawai and a Conger Eel. Upon retrieving my second set I thought my Predator Kontiki had snagged on something approx 60mtrs offshore. I waded out to it in chest deep water, and when 15mtrs …

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2011 Winter Whoppa Story – Rhys

Whoppa Story – Winner
Seatoun Beach Wellington 10th August 2011.
Rhys Hiroki with the Seatoun Kura Kaupapa Maori school (who just by chance happened to be on the beach learning about Tangaroa and the sea).  7kg and 5kg Elephant fish with 2 Red Cod.
“I got each kid (in this photo) to attach 2 longline 
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