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Here is some information and links that we are building up to provide a valuable resource to Fish Heads.

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Do you “Know the Limits”?

Fishing is one of New Zealand’s most popular recreational activities. Every year a large number of finfish, rock lobster and shellfish are taken by recreational fishers, which can seriously affect local fisheries. This means it is important for all fishers to act responsibly and help conserve the resource.

To help conserve our resourses and fish within the law, you need to know the limits.

Know the Limits

NZ boat ramps

New Zealand Boat Ramps

We are building up a database of boat ramps around New Zealand. Feel free to contribute information about your local boat ramp by clicking the “Add a boat ramp” button.

If you want to see the boat ramps we have collected so far click here for the NZ Boat Ramp map.


Maori Fishing Calendar

The Maori Fishing Calendar

Compiled by Bill Hohepa

Some Fish Heads consider this is the mother of all calendars and systems. If it’s new to you you should definitely give it a try. Many years lie behind this calendar. Bill’s website has to set web standard for “minimalistic” (good try Apple) and is also good for Bill’s jokes. Try it out!

Click here for Bill Hohepa’s Maori fishing calendar. 

Seafood Recipes

Seafood Recipes

Seafood recipes by Fish Heads!. What more could you ask for?

And if you have a recipe of your own that you want to share with fellow Fish Heads, click on the button below.


Moon phases and calendar

 Moon Phases and Calendar

The moon has a huge effect on fishing and the moon calendar is used by many Fish Heads for planning the event.

Click here for current moon phase and calendar.





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